Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ian Remembered

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Ian Remembered
Ian gasped for breath as he trudged through the murky swamp. He knew he didn't have much longer. The blade that had stabbed his side had done its job...almost perfectly. The imperfection of the wound gave him time enough to reach his destination. He had to make it. He had to witness...what was it? Oh yes, the rocket. Ian's loss of blood made remembering even the most recent memories a grueling task.  He did, however, have no trouble remembering how he wound up in the final, and yet most fulfilling, adventure of his life.
Ian remembered a non-descript restaurant, purchasing the stolen uniform from the stranger and impersonating a member of the State Guard. He remembered accessing a computer at the launch site and changing the launch codes.  He remembered successfully switching the DNA samples before they were loaded onto the rocket.  He remembered barely escaping with his life as a guard tried to stop him at the exit.  Ian was able to neutralize the guy but not before being stabbed with a knife.  He remembered running, stumbling, hearing sirens blare in the distance.  It did not matter now.  The launch cycle had begun.  They would find him but he did not care.  Nothing would stop the rocket from leaving this planet, the rocket containing his family's DNA.
Ian remembered feeling it was unfair that only the wealthy would have a place on the new world.  What made a person, born into wealth, more deserving and important than he, the son of a hard working, middle-class employee?  Why should they, the ones rich enough to purchase passage, be the only ones to use their DNA for human growth to populate the newly discovered planet?  He was just as worthy as any of them.  He was not a trifle in the pool of human existence.  He was a survivor and, through his actions, had assured his family's preservation.
Ian remembered hearing the news just as everyone else did.  He remembered hearing the scientists and understood that his home world would soon be destroyed.  He remembered the discovery of this inhabitable planet, the key to keeping his bloodline alive.  Ian remembered he had done some things along the way that were not only illegal, but reprehensible.  But to Ian, these means justified the end.  He would live, and die, knowing he did right.
Ian stumbled as walking became more difficult.  He was disoriented, becoming confused.  He remembered hearing voices behind him, chasing him through the swampy field.   As Ian staggered past a palm tree he fell into the grass.  Had he made it?  He could barely lift his head to glance across the bay.  As his eyes cleared the blades of grass he witnessed the blast of the rocket as it shot into the heavens.  Ian laid his head down, smiling, as he remembered the repertoire of emotions that brought him here, excitement, anticipation, loathing, anger, desperation, and ultimately, love.  Ian gazed at the sky…and remembered no more.

Word Count: 498


  1. Great story! I tried thinking of a story with a sci-fi bent, but it didn't feel right (I'm not very good with those...). You put a lot of info in so few words. Great job, bro!

    1. Thanks, Hygge Man. I had to redo the story a couple a times because it was getting too detailed and wordy. I'm glad you liked it.